There’s no doubt the Land of Smiles program has a measurable impact on children. Each year, 10 percent of students who attend a presentation complete pre-tests before the presentation and post-tests after the presentation. Evaluation results consistently demonstrate significant changes in students’ oral health-related knowledge, attitudes and behavioral intentions. We asked many questions, but these result highlights speak for themselves.


Select pre-kindergarten through third grade student evaluation results for the 2018 Land of Smiles program.


Grades PK-1

“Flossing is good for my teeth.”

82% Answered Correctly (Pre-Test);  94% Answered Correctly (Post-Test)


"How should kids brush their teeth?”

14% Answered Correctly (Pre-Test);  88% Answered Correctly (Post-Test)


Grades 2-3

“How should kids brush their teeth?” 

33% Answered Correctly(Pre-Test);  92% Answered Correctly (Post-Test)


“Should kids use mouth rinse?”

72% Answered Correctly (Pre-Test);  91% Answered Correct (Post-Test)


“Is plaque good for teeth?”

56% Answered Correctly (Pre-Test);   97% Answered Correctly (Post-Test)

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It’s not just students that enjoy the program. Each school receives a Land of Smiles curriculum kit that includes tools to help educators reinforce good oral health habits with students throughout the year. The Foundation has received outstanding feedback from teachers and school staff.

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