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Land of Smiles


The Land of Smiles program is a fun, age-appropriate show that teaches children in preschool through third grade about good oral health care. The Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation believes that oral health education helps further our mission to improve the health and well-being of Illinois residents. Education is the key to helping establish a lifetime of good oral health. Because childhood is the time when good dental habits begin and healthy teeth develop, one of the signature programs for the Foundation is the Land of Smiles. The program has reached more than 519,000 students at over 937 Illinois schools in the past 12 years.


In 2020, Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation shifted the Land of Smiles program from a live show that visits schools to a virtual Land of Smiles experience for students due to COVID-19. We are back in person and offer both virtual and live programming for Illinois schools.

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About the Land of Smiles

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The Land of Smiles has been educating children in Illinois since 2007. See what teachers say about the show and the impact it has on children's oral health.

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